Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sales System is PHP, JQuery, AJAX Web Base Application. Owner able to control multi outlets from one place. This is suitable for small, medium and Large Organization businesses. Easy to use Point of Sales System and able to handle multiple bills and search opened bill option and search product from POS and able to make Purchase Order to Supplier and sample Inventory Control and [...]

Human Resource System

Human Resource Management Features Employees Department Awards Expense Holidays Attendance Leave Applications Leave Types Notice BoardSystem Requirements Apache, nginx, or another compatible web server. MySQL Database server Module Re_write server PHP_CURL Module Enable Realtime Internet Connection ( Emailing ) FileInfo extension(Image upload)

E-Commerce System

This is a all in ONE solution for Ecommerce Business Management System. This CMS Includes everything you need to make an ecommerce business. This eCommerce has been developed for startups or individuals who can’t spend million dollars for marketing to run their business. We have added AFFILIATE MARKETING system in this online store so customers can market your store products to new customers and earn [...]

Manufacturing System

It allows you to gain credibility by exhibiting famous brands. You can add manufacturers and assign products to ease the users in finding store items by a preferred brand. Showcase brands brilliantly in 3 different widgets that include featured brands, thumbnails, and layered navigation. With the help of short-codes, you can carry forward the widgets to products and CMS pages. Add Brands and Manufacturers to [...]

Accounting System

This is a simple to use invoicing, double-entry and cost-effective Accounting platform. It brings with it a suite of tools meant to control and manage all aspects of your business financial operations including bank transaction, income, expenses, multi-currency invoices & quotes. Its suitable for small and midsize companies and can provide real-time financial and operational insights as well as the ability to automate critical processes.It helps businesses to [...]

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