Manufacturing System

It allows you to gain credibility by exhibiting famous brands. You can add manufacturers and assign products to ease the users in finding store items by a preferred brand. Showcase brands brilliantly in 3 different widgets that include featured brands, thumbnails, and layered navigation. With the help of short-codes, you can carry forward the widgets to products and CMS pages.

Add Brands and Manufacturers to Your Website

You can add famous brands to your eCommerce website to let the users know the products by renowned manufacturers are available in your store. Users can click brand logos to browse all the items from that specific vendor.

You can create an unlimited number of brands to your website to better classify products in manufacturers category. Side by side, you can manage existing brands on your website like assigning more products.

Enables Separate Landing Page for Each Brand

You can assign products to brands to help your potential buyers easily browse store items by their favorite manufacturer. WooCommerce Shop by brand plugin allows you to categorize products by its supplier, manufacturer, or brand to attract the quality and brand conscious customers.

Creates a Separate Brand Listing Page

The installation of WooCommerce brands plugin creates a separate brand page right on your eCommerce website to collectively exhibit brands, suppliers, vendors, and manufacturers. You can customize the brands’ page with a compelling title and description, and add the three widgets as well.

Attach Products With Respective Brands

You can attach products to a brand when showcasing it on your eCommerce website. With easy classification of products among brands, you are no longer required to go through extra procedures in categorizing products under specific brand names.

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